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Company Profile

P. van Gent Pty Ltd

License No. 702313

ABN: 37 106 963 240

Winemaker Philip van Gent

Address 141 Black Springs Rd, Eurunderee, NSW, 2850

Founded 1979

Size 100 acre Vineyard

Varietals Durif, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Viognier, Chardonnay, Verdelho, Muller-Thurgau, Muscato Giallo (Yellow), Nero D’avola, Tennat, Touriga and Sangiovese


Vineyard Properties

Vineyard Region Mudgee, Central Ranges, NSW

Climate/Conditions Cold, Dry Climate Wines. Cool nights, warm days, ample sunlight and gentle breezes.

Vineyard Capacity 200 Tonnes/Year

Soil Rich, dense vitamin rich soil


Company History

We are proudly nearing the 40th anniversary of Pieter van Gent Winery in Mudgee. Our founder, Pieter van Gent, had determination and passion. He made the first Chardonnay wine in Australia in 1971 at Craigmoor Winery, before going on to win every wine medal possible during his career, including the coveted Adelaide Wine Show’s Montgomery Trophy in 1974 for Best Burgundy.

In 1979, Pieter set up his own Winery and Vineyard, bringing Chardonnay cuttings from Craigmoor Vineyard- the oldest in Australia. Pieter retired in 2006 after achieving a successful career and building a sound business.

Philip van Gent, son and winemaker, leads this company forward with his own determination and passion. Our future respects the environment through organic farming, recycling and restoration of native wetlands and billabongs as we forever move forward. We align ourselves with organisations and individuals who share the same drive and dedication, such as select sporting events and support for youth in the arts and education.


Vision and Mission

“To craft unique, quality alcoholic beverages using sustainable, environmentally friendly practices, for the enjoyment of all.”


Core Values:

We believe in creating wines with innovation and creativity.

Whilst crafting our wines, we use methods and practices that have no negative impact on the environment, for the enjoyment of our customers, guilt free!

We aim to provide a wine for everyone, whether you like sweet, dry, crisp, full-bodied, or fruit – we have something for you.

We are passionate about good wine and good food, so we like to pair our wines with great new recipes and educate consumers about what pairs well with what.

Chocolate goes great with wine! That’s why we also have hand-crafted chocolates available to pair perfectly with several of our wines.

We are a small vineyard; we love our team and we love our town! We get great enjoyment from participating in community projects to help promote tourism for our small region.


Team Members

Philip van Gent Director and Winemaker

Amelie Bischof Lab Technician and Chocolatier

Melinda Harris Administration & Cellar Door Manager

Anne Christianson Marketing Manager

Ben Sloan Vineyard Manager

Kate Simpson Cellar Door Sales

Brian Tuckwell Cellar Door Sales

Isabel van Gent Barrister and Service Specialist

Celeste van Gent Cellar Door Sales

Sophia van Gent Social media and Sales Assistant