Picnic and Breakfast Hampers

We love our food! So in an attempt to give
you a selection of some of our favorite
bites we are offering picnic & breakfast
hampers for our guests. All the ingredients
are sourced and put together by hand and
with lots of love by Dad’s Deli.
For more information and to order
your hamper please inquire when you
make your booking.


Breakfast Hamper for two people

Price $50


Picnic Hamper for two people

Price $60

1 Bottle of Pieter van Gent Sundance Red
2 plastic wine glasses
10 slices Mild Venetian Cloth Salami
10 slices Blackforest Pastrami
1 stick of Little Mudgee Smokehouse Cabanossi
Wedge of Maffra Red Wax Cheddar (approx. 100g)
Wedge of Adelaide Hills Brie (approx. 100g)
Semi sun dried Tomatoes (approx. 100g)
Mixed marinated Olives (approx. 100g)
Crackers (100g pack)
Quince paste
Dries Apricots & Almonds (or seasonal produce)
2 x 600ml Wild One Springwater
2 x sets wooden cutlery, 2 x napkins

All items are 100% Australian made and beautifully presented.